Torch holder with GoPro buckle

Below I tell you how I solved the problem of riding a bike in the dark πŸ™‚

I bought this flashlight on Amazon and tried it on my mountain bike handlebar.

The light was immediately very good, but the assembly on the handlebars didn’t satisfy me, turning my head and not seeing anything, especially doing off-road, is not pleasant. I therefore decided to mount the headlight on my helmet.

Starting from a project I found on the Internet, I created a support that allows the torch to be mounted on the helmet, using a GoPro support.

This is the result, printed with a Dremel Idea Builder 3D20 printer.

For convenience I decided to move the electric cable passage. Instead of getting it out to the side I pushed it through the bottom, under the switch. To do this, simply open the torch by unscrewing the front ring nut, remove the electronics, unsolder the connections and remove the cable. At this point I punctured the back of the case with a 5mm bit, had the cable run over again and soldered the connections to the board again. The case has two holes laterally, one threaded for the support screw and one from which the cable passes.

Using the largest hole I inserted a self-locking nut and with a M3 screw passed through the printed support, I fixed everything. I suggest to put a thin soft layer between the torch and the support, I used a double-sided tape. For greater security I used a tireup to lock the torch using the appropriate slot.

The cable is long enough to allow me to keep the battery in my backpack while run. If you decide to keep the battery somewhere else, you will need to extend it or use an extension cord.

The support fits easily into any cylindrical torch, but you are free to download the project and modify it as you like πŸ™‚
I hope this post will help you and help you ride your bike safely, even in the dark!

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