Argilla is my new project available on Github. Argilla is a simple distributed bus for the integration between microservices. The adoption of Argilla allows the elimination of microservice endpoint configuration so that they can be managed more easily. At present the project is functional even if it is not performing and unstable. Your help could be very useful … Continue reading Argilla

Wait for an event in a WaterfallDialog

Working on a Skill, I needed to block the execution of a WaterfallDialog while waiting for a specific event to arrive. The solution is simple and based on the use of EventPrompt. Below I show how to use it. Register EventPrompt in the constructor AddDialog(new WaterfallDialog(nameof(WaterfallDialog), new WaterfallStep[] { HelloAsync, WaitForEventAsync, DoneAsync })); AddDialog(new EventPrompt(nameof(EventPrompt), … Continue reading Wait for an event in a WaterfallDialog

Share data from Virtual Assistant to Skill

For some weeks I have been working on a project based on Bot Framework. Things were going well until I found myself in the position of having to share information between a Virtual Assistant and a Skill … Given that it gave me problems and that my requests made on Stackoverflow did not produce answers, … Continue reading Share data from Virtual Assistant to Skill