YI Action Cam case

After trying a couple of cases for my YI Action Cam I decided to try to print one for use with the GoPro chest mount.

With the classic one that you buy on Amazon, while recording mountain bike videos, I experienced two problems: a loud background rustle and a limit in the useful inclination.

Using the classic case, the sound problem I think is due to a rustling that occurs inside the case. Use this printed case leaves the microphone exposed instead.

Download: https://v1.tinkercad.com/things/hG18RYlPKZ6

In addition to the printed parts, the following screws and nuts are required for assembly:

  • 4x screw M3x30mm
  • 4x screw M3x15mm
  • 8x self-locking nut M3

The base compatible with GoPro support is not integrated in the case, this is to allow everyone to develop new supports for different uses.

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