REALFLIGHT EVOLUTION on Lenovo ThinkCentre neo 30a

I think it’s been about 30 years since I’ve installed a game on my computer. The last one I think was Gunship 2000 or something!
Today, however, I installed this simulator for model aircraft.

From the videos and comments it seemed like a well-made product and so I decided to buy it to learn how to drive model aircraft and to be able to do something useful during some online meetings.

I had read about some problems with Intel graphics cards but being an optimist I decided I would fix it. Indeed it was, I had to work on it a bit but in the end everything works 🙂

After installing it using Steam (which I didn’t know about but it seems to me a fantastic object) the game started without problems, only that instead of letting me do anything it presented me with a model aircraft stopped on the runway. Searching on the Internet on the various forums there was talk of switching to the use of the beta version “dxvk-intel.fix” which could have solved the problem.

To use the beta version, simply enter the game properties, select the “Betas” item, select the “dxvk-intel-fix” beta, close the window with the “x” and restart the game.

When I restarted the game I got an error message telling me that the graphics card was not working properly. To solve this problem I downloaded these drivers and after the installation I restarted my computer as requested and after the reboot everything started working fine 🙂

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